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Save McLaren Park and our allies have been working hard to stop a disc golf course slated for construction in McLaren Park.

 These efforts paid off when, in June 2010, the Rec/Park Commission admitted that proper procedure had not been followed and called for a public hearing. We need to keep the pressure on. NOW is the time to write your letter to city officials! A signed letter sent through the U.S. Mail is most impressive to officials, but email or fax is good.

As McLaren Park lies mostly in District 10, make sure to send a letter to the new Supervisor, Malia Cohen. Send copies of your letter to:  1) Supervisor Malia Cohen, 2) your supervisor, if other than Cohen, 3) Rec/Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg, 4) Rec/Park Commission President Mark Buell, and 5) send a copy to us for our records at info@savemclarenpark.org.

Below is a sample letter you can use to write officials about the proposed McLaren Park disc golf course.

Use the letter as an example of how to write your own. Or you can download a copy, sign it and send via fax or mail. See the Resources box on the right for downloads, instructions, and to get mailing addresses for all Rec/Park and City officials.

Sample letter to Rec/Park and City officials concerning
the proposed McLaren Park  disc golf course.


Date: ____________________

Dear ______________________________________________,

I believe that McLaren Park’s precious natural heritage should be preserved, and, therefore, a disc golf course should NOT be constructed. 

I am deeply troubled that in 2005 the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission, without properly notifying the surrounding neighborhoods and stakeholders, approved the McLaren course.  This well-loved park is used by many people who enjoy diverse activities such as hiking, bird watching, school field trips, artistic endeavors, wild life observation, off-leash dog play, and meditative strolling. 

Building a sports course in the heart of one of San Francisco’s last surviving wilderness parks is the equivalent of erecting a bowling alley in a cathedral sanctuary.  The bowlers are largely unaffected, but the parishioner’s serenity is shattered. 

There are presently nine Bay Area disc courses, one located in Golden Gate Park.  Many city park departments choose not to allow a course because of documented environmental damage inflicted by 50 mph discs and heavy off-path foot traffic.  People, pets and wildlife can also be injured.  I do not want the same fate for McLaren Park. 

Please be wise! Preserving McLaren Park’s wilderness is a priceless gift to existing and future generations.

I hereby assert the following:

  1. Disc golf is fundamentally incompatible with existing and desired uses of the park.
  2. Rec/Park must rescind its 2005 decision approving a disc golf course in McLaren Park.
  3.  Prior to any decision to install a disc golf course in McLaren Park, we demand an extensive public process and environmental review.

Thank you.

Name:    ______________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________



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