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Your help is important!

Consider all the different subjects we need to think about in order to make a difference in the use of a public park:

  • The environment
  • Neighborhood needs
  • Public policy
  • Recreation and Park officials
  • Elected officials
  • Existing park uses
  • Attending meetings

And more!

What this means is, Save McLaren Park wears a lot of different hats and we need your help!

Below are the current Save McLaren Park committees with information on how and how to contact and what you can do. Please eMail the committee you want to help.  With all of us working together, we can indeed Save McLaren Park.

  • Walk the park, handing out fliers and talking to people one-on-one. We have the fliers and can help you with what to say.
  • Encourage concerned citizens to hand-write a letter to their district supervisor.
  • Gather signatures for the paper version of the petition.
  • Leaflet events, such as concerts in the Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre
  • Go door-to-door with "doorhanger" fliers for each household near the park.
  • Translate fliers into other languages (one in Chinese is underway).
  • Monitor online discussions on various forums about the issue.
  • Create and manage Facebook, Twitter, and other networking accounts.

Speaker's Bureau:

  • Put together a list of organizations to whom we could speak.
  • Speak!:  Make short presentations, mostly informal, to these various groups.
  • A member who is a theater professional will offer some training in delivery.

Process research:

  • Continue researching Rec and Parks process of passing the Disc Course's proposal.
  • Having filed a number of Sunshine Ordinance requests, we need volunteers to help.
  • Skim thousands of pages of documents.
  • Figuring out how this particular corner of bureaucracy works.
  • Look into what the best, most effective and achievable courses of action will be.
  • Create catchy slogans and pithy sound bites (yes, we take suggestions!).
  • Create a press packet and press release.
  • Assemble current press contact list for print, radio, TV, web.
  • Send press release to media outlets, follow up by phone.
  • Write sample letters that people can send or improvise from.
  • Edit any Save McLaren Park materials as needed.
  • Artists and media pros from every field welcome! 
  • Gather relevant articles and studies about the environmental impact,
  • Observe different areas and document wildlife presence.
  • Collect information on how the Park is used now, and by whom.
  • Design a short survey to find out the above information.
  • Research disc golf, its culture, the history and outcome of other disc golf courses.
  • Analyze disc golf's incompatibility with shared use in proposed location.

Got an idea? A tip? We want to hear from you!

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